Mission Control works with online powerhouse, Dictionary.com, to host, support, and enhance one of the largest online dictionaries in the world, Lexico.com.

Mission Control works with online powerhouse, Dictionary.com, to develop and enhance their online collaboration with Oxford University Press – resulting in one of the largest and most prestigious online dictionaries in the world, Lexico.com.

Launched in June 2019, the core of Lexico.com uses Mission Control’s ground-breaking Remarkable content management and workflow solution – fully customised to the unique requirements of lexical data and enhanced for the data pipeline process between Oxford University Press and Dictionary.com.

All pages of Lexico.com have been developed by Mission Control using Ruby on Rails as our core language – and is an outstanding showcase of our ability to tightly integrate both front and back-end components (along with regular data updates) on a massive scale.

In addition to a number of unique modules and features – including Trending Words and Word of The Day - Lexico.com continues the tradition of Oxford University Press English and Spanish sites with industry-leading lexical information fully hosted, supported and managed on an ongoing basis by the Mission Control Team.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the launch of Lexico.com, an extremely unique collaboration between Dictionary.com and Oxford University Press. As already one of the top English and Spanish dictionary destinations in the world, Lexico.com represents a massive undertaking for Mission Control – and we couldn’t be happier with the results and ongoing plans for the future!”

Eddie Vassallo, CEO Mission Control

With a number of future enhancements already in queue, Mission Control is proud to have worked with the phenomenal team at Dictionary.com to make the new Lexico.com site a reality – and we can’t wait to continue to evolve and build on our new partnership well into the future.


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