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What We Did

In addition to supplying customers with our bespoke content management solution, Remarkable, Mission Control has worked with several clients to create and realise fully bespoke internal content and data management solutions.

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For Oxford University Press (OUP), Mission Control was commissioned to create an entirely new Dictionary Editing Tool – allowing OUP Editors and Lexicographers the ability to manage new content within their core dictionary database – whilst simultaneously designing and deploying an entirely new workflow engine precisely mapping to their existing editorial process.

Dubbed the Dictionary Editor & Lexical Technology Application (DELTA), Mission Control began work in 2018 to move OUP Editors from an older, antiquated XML-based editing system, to an entirely new JSON-based solution, designed exclusively for the needs of dictionary editors.

At Mission Control, we believe the tools we build can only succeed if the end users are with us through every step of application design and development. With this approach in mind, Mission Control designed a true change management programme whilst soliciting exact requirements directly from the OUP Editors and Lexicographers who would eventually use this new business critical content tool.

Breaking the deployment into multiple phases, Mission Control utilised our proven Agile Development Process to provide ongoing demonstrations of the system in development, changing direction, tweaking results, and eventually landing on a final solution that met the complex requirements of one of the largest dictionary databases in the world.

In addition to creating the bespoke DELTA tool, Mission Control provides ongoing hosting and support – ensuring the enterprise-grade Ruby on Rails application remains up-to-date and always available - leaving the OUP Editorial Team to focus on what they do best.